We can’t say that when we came up with the idea of 52×52 we expected it to be a one of kind project, but we were somewhat dismayed to almost immediately discover /r/52book. But that’s okay, just means more support/accountability going forward with this.

In case the concept isn’t clear, or you landed on this post instead of the main page, 52×52 is a simple little project rooted in the idea of trying to expand our reading horizons with a dash of public humiliation if we fail to meet our goals.

If you have a suggestion, please feel free to submit it, as we don’t have a set reading list and will just be picking from our stockpile of suggestions each week.

The primary goal each week is to finish a title, with the secondary objective of posting a brief review. I’m not kidding when I say brief, you’ve been warned.

You can support us in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to… calling us out on Twitter (@fiftytwoby) or if you’re feeling generous buying us a book off our wish list. You can also use this link if you plan on doing any shopping on Amazon.com as we will receive a small commission off your total purchase which will we happily spend on more books.