Aaron Week Fourteen – Animal Farm

Animal Farm

by George Orwell

I’ve realized through this project that there are plenty of books that others might deem must reads or classics that I haven’t yet read, Animal Farm is one of those books, often recommended to me and yet I never picked it up.

It’s difficult when approaching such books to feel like there’s anything new or different to be said about the, especially since Animal Farm has been published for close to 70 years. Here goes nothing.

For those of you who might not be familiar with this book, Animal Farm is a political allegory based on the premise of the Russian Revolution, or maybe more aptly the failed promises of the revolution.

Set on Manor Farm, owned by Mr. Jones this book starts with the animals of his farm finally having had enough of being enslaved and exploited for the benefit of their human master.  They rebel and drive Jones and his farm hands out and take Manor Farm for their own, renaming it Animal Farm.

They start out with the best of intentions, passing a set of commandments to live by, sharing the work load and things are off to a great start. Throughout this process the pigs emerge as thought leaders and eventually do all the planning and none of the work, moving into the farm house and beginning their campaign of rewriting the history/rules of Animal Farm.

If this book was required reading for you during school, I’d suggest revisiting it, and if you’ve never read it before what are you waiting for?! And remember, “Four legs good, two legs bad.”

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