Aaron Week Thirteen – How I Live Now

How I Live Now

by Meg Rosoff

I will be the first to admit I need to stop reading stories about wars and the end of the world, but I keep finding titles that sound interesting. People, save me from myself, give me suggestions!

Fair warning, there’s the tiniest bit of a spoil in this review. I don’t give away any plot points, just a small factual observation.¬†Okay, ready?

Daisy is fifteen and like most fifteen year olds she thinks her step mother is evil, in all fairness, she’s probably right. With a new baby on the way her parents ship her off from Manhattan to England to live with her aunt and cousins she’s never met. War breaks out, the power goes out, England is occupied, she’s separated from most of her new family and things are just not going her way.

It’s a quick and decent read and because it doesn’t have a traditional happy ending How I Live Now is a strangely thought provoking book. After reading it I discovered that there’s a movie version that was made in 2013, so I suppose I’ll have to check that out. I feel it’s a safe assumption that the book was better than the movie.

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