Aaron Week Twelve – The Shell Collector

<h2>The Shell Collector</h2>
By Hugh Howey

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In a seemingly not so distant future the ocean is dying. Year after year the ocean is growing warming and water levels are rising, threatening cities, redefining beach front property. As a by product of the warmer water temps, seashells are becoming more and more rare, leading to the mass popularity of Shelling.

Maya Walsh is a reporter for the Times for the last few years she’s been working on a series of articles exposing the Wilde family (owners of Ocean Oil, destroyers of the planet), each one focusing on a different Wilde, with the ultimate goal of bringing down Ness Wilde the current generation in charge of Ocean Oil.

Ness Wilde has become somewhat of a recluse, but after the first of four articles on his family is published in the Times (about his great-grandfather) he asks Maya to come to his home for an interview. Maya refuses until approached by the FBI who are also interested in Wilde. Next thing you know Ms. Walsh is traveling around the world with Ness in the name of journalism trying to balance the desire to destroy him and the hope that he really isn’t a monster hellbent on continuing his family’s legacy of destroying the planet.

Great premise, interesting storyline for the most part, but in a departure from the other stories of Hugh Howey’s I’ve read this book seemingly tries to appeal to a broader audience and gets a little Nicholas Sparksesque. Not a terrible book, but certainly not the authors finest.

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