Rachael Week Eleven – An Abundance of Katherines

I guess I was on a John Green kick since this was the second week in a row that I picked up one of his books. This one was an easy read, a definite coming-of-age book.

It follows Colin and Hassan, 2 friends living in Chicago. Determined to make the most of a summer and to pick up the pieces of Colin’s breakup with girlfriend Katherine, they take a road trip southeast.

Colin has only dated girls named Katherine. 18 of them to be exact. Starting with elementary school girlfriends (which I think don’t really count) to Katherine XVIII. He is a child prodigy who won money from a public TV show “KranialKidz”. He constantly anagrams words people say, words he reads, etc. He is also trying to create a formula for successful relationships. Hassan keeps him grounded by telling him when stories he tells are “not cool”. Hassan really is the best friend you wish you had all your life.

Anyway, a high school struggle of girls and boys later, Colin and Hassan figure out where life is supposed to take them after meeting a family and boarding with them for a summer.


The book was just fine, I enjoyed the footnotes, mathematical equations and foreign languages I learned along the way.

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